The Shape at Generator Projects

Gods and Monsters contributor Darren Banks will be included in an exhibition called The Shape this month at Generator Projects (UK) alongside artists Lachlann Rattray and Ben Robinson. The new works were produced in consideration of the correlation of chance and determinism in their implementation found in European horror cinema.

Darren Banks will present Bloody Dreams, Visions & Tourism; a multi-screen installation using found footage and analogue television sets. Each television will be given its own horror movie trope; through a process of selection, isolation, editing and looping, new objects are formed. Recurring horror motifs take on new meaning formally and thematically – horror starts to manifest itself structurally into the work as object and film become interwoven. 

The Shape:
Lachlann Rattray 
Darren Banks
Ben Robinson
24 MARCH – 15 APRIL 

25-26 Mid Wynd Industrial Estate 
DD1 4JG 
+44 (0) 1382 225982 

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